Encaustic Techniques

Encaustic Australia stocks the largest range of encaustic supplies, with ranges both sourced locally and overseas. We pride ourselves in offering a vast array of supplies  and materials related to encaustic art, including many mixed media materials.

Here you will find a few tips.

  • Fusing is the process of gently melting each layer of paint with a heat source (heat gun/torch etc) and ensuring that it is properly adhered to the layer beneath it.
  • Air bubbles may appear in the surface of your paint, a light fusing in a circular motion with hot air directed at an angle will clear most of the bubbles (a smooth surface is the “holy grail” and make take some time to achieve).
  • For a textured finish, work on a cool panel and use quick brush strokes with cool paint and minimal fusing to build the surface.
  • For a smooth surface, warm your panel and use a soft brush and fuse slowly and thoroughly (a razor blade to smooth the surface may also help).
  • Use a stylus/pen tool or metal scribe tool to etch a signature into your panel.

If you want to make your own encaustic paint, use pigments rather than oil paint to colour your medium. The ratios with oil and wax may cause issues with the paint solidifying/hardening.

Encaustic lends itself beautifully to collage work. So many elements can be embedded in the wax which allows you to create amazing texture and dimension. 

~Encaustic Art – Wonderfully Addictive~


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